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About Kirby


After growing up in the south suburbs of Chicago, I served 11 years on active duty in the US military.  First attending the United States Military Academy at West Point, and then traveling the world as an officer in the Army.

During my time in the service, I developed a strong interest in real estate and entrepreneurship. I began studying and reading as much as I could on the topic and bought my first rental property in 2006 as a Lieutenant stationed in El Paso, TX.

In 2011, I left the service, returned to the suburbs of Chicago and started rehabbing properties, eventually building a portfolio of cash flowing rental properties with the goal of financial independence (enough monthly income from investments to pay all of my family's household expenses).

I believe a business owner should build their business around the life they want, not the other way around, and in my opinion, owning cash flowing real estate is the best business a person can use to create the life they want.

My current business Green Vet Homes is built around these core concepts:

  • Low overhead
  • As paperless and mobile as possible
  • Serves a higher mission I'm excited about
  • Less deal volume with high equity and cash flow on each

Adhering to these main guiding principles has allowed me to grow my cash flow steadily since starting my business, while keeping the important things in life in focus and always working on a mission I'm passionate about.

I love having the opportunity to share all that I have learned from over a decade investing in cash flowing real estate so subscribe to receive regular advice and updates on how to build your own portfolio to achieve financial independence.

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