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How To Talk To Sellers and Actually Close Deals

How to talk to sellers

In order to talk to sellers correctly and close deals, you have to start with the proper approach. Start by recognizing that you should not be talking to 95% of home sellers about purchasing their property. 95% of homes should be listed on the MLS and sold to retail buyers. This is because there are…

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The Best Deal I’ve Done In a Long Time

Best Deal

In my last article I shared the details of the worst deal I’ve done in a long time.  So if the title of this article sounds a bit braggy, feel free to check out the doozy I wrote about two weeks ago. Ironically, around the same time I was doing one of the worst deals…

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The Worst Deal I’ve Done In a Long Time

Worst Deal

Although real estate investing can seem like a game of high stakes poker where large sums of money are made or lost in a single deal, for most investors it’s the consistent repetition of deals that make a modest sum of money that lead to wealth. You can create $10-50k in profit (equity) from rehabbing…

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Should You Pursue Real Estate Investing

“A ship in harbor is safe, but then again, that’s not what ships are for.” This is one of my favorite quotes of all time. I think I like it so much because, automatically, you can see the parallels between a ship’s purpose and the purpose of an individual.  There’s no point to building a…

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An Uncommon Method For Identifying a Great Rental Property

What Makes a Great Rental Property Investors have wildly contested what makes a great rental property over the years. This is because there are so many variables to consider, and everyone’s goals for what they want to accomplish through rental property investing are very different. Some people focus on the “1% rule,” ensuring that the…

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How to Stop Stressing Out Over Decisions


There are a handful of choices that really change the direction of the rest of our lives. Probably five to seven really big ones that send us in one direction (good or bad) rather than countless others. Who you marry, where you go to college, trying an addictive drug, what job you take or business…

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New “Opportunity” to Invest Tax Free Through Opportunity Zones

Opportunity Zone

Anytime you can invest in areas that need it the most while keeping the government’s hands off of your money in the process, count me in! I’ve shared other strategies in the past around limiting or eliminating taxes on your investment gains, but this newer strategy is particularly interesting to me. It’s called Opportunity Zone…

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Fast Track System to Accomplish Your Goals

Perhaps is due to pride, but most people’s first instinct when trying to accomplish a new task or goal is to create their own system based on what intuitively feels right. Think about it, if you want to start investing in real estate, you would probably just start calling realtors or learning construction. You want…

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